Arabella Brooke

“My work is figurative and based on observation, mostly recorded in sketch books. Often only a scribbled line, or suggestion of a form, this is the starting point for a long process of development in the studio.

“The challenge has always been to keep the freshness, or ‘feeling’ of the original sketch in the finished sculpture, and it is quite normal to have made and destroyed four or five versions of the same piece before deciding finally to cast it into bronze.

“The sculptures are figurative, that is, recognisably human, in essence if not in detail. Anatomically speaking, liberties have been taken, but they are based on a sound understanding of the human form.”

The figures seem to tell a story, although they are never explicit, there’s room for the viewer to find meaning. Mostly they talk about identity and relationships, and about the struggle to find meaning in a fast-moving and disposable world.’