Emma Louise Moore

     Emma Louise is an Irish artist. She studied at Limerick School of Art & Design Ireland and completed her MA at Central St.Martins. She was a recent finalist in the National Sculpture Prize, Broomhill Sculpture Park. Upcoming Group Exhibition at Christies Auction House. Other London based shows including the Tate Modern - Tate Exchange. Emma Louise's Solo shows include Harlem, New York, Ireland and Melbourne.

 An Important method of research for Emma Louise is the orchestration of investigative group performances. Emma Louise takes the mentality of a crowd as her point of departure.  Investigating their movements , her works call for an awareness of our complacent tendency to follow others, becoming ontological refugees, distanced from our individuality. In her recent choreographed piece, participants form swarms, guided loosely by simple rules, Emma's Art is one of disclosure, using if events as the inspiration for works. She furthers her research through collaborations with the imperial college of science and the creation of investigative performances pieces.

Through investigating the tendency of crowds, Emma identified the importance of monuments. A monument is indicative of the focus of a society. Though worshipping of the sun was replaced by worshipping people, it maintains the ability to guide. Her monumental pieces are phenomenon facilitators, acting as vessels for the sunlight to guild us once more. The light commands the piece, which in turn commands the rhythms and motions of the crowd.