International Women's Day

This March The Art Link will present its first exhibition,
The Future is Female 
Garrison Chapel, London.
Coinciding with International Women’s Day, The Future is Female aims to showcase the exceptional of female sculptors, both established and emerging, while addressing the long standing gender disparity in the art world. The exhibition will feature 18 female sculptors and 40 works of art, offering a diverse and thought-provoking exploration of contemporary female sculpture. 

Whilst the art world has made significant strides in acknowledging the underrepresentation of women in the industry, the gender gap remains a pressing issue. A recent study in 2022 revealed that only 7% of the artwork displayed in the United Kingdom's national museums is created by women. This disparity is even more pronounced within the field of sculpture, which has historically been dominated by male artists. While  perceptions of women's physical capabilities have evolved since the late nineteenth century, the lack of recognition for female sculptors is still evident today, with very few breaking into the top ranks of auction sales.

The Future is Female seeks to address this disparity and provide a platform for female sculptors to share their unique perspectives and creative expressions. The exhibition invites viewers to experience sculpture through a collective female gaze, highlighting the diverse voices within contemporary female sculpture. The artists featured in this exhibition bring a wide range of visions and viewpoints, contributing to a holistic understanding of art, culture, environment, and society in our time.