As a former publisher of newspapers, an activist and a leader in civil society, Vuslat has dedicated a better part of her life to create a social impact on issues of gender equality and freedom of expression. She is a Turkish artist who lives and works in Istanbul. The practice of the artist, primarily focused on sculpture, draws upon references from nature, spirituality, mythological storytelling, and eastern philosophy. She explores questions of identity, belonging and freedom in a world that is increasingly becoming more unpredictable, transitory and interdependent. Through her forms, she navigates the seen and unseen, organic and in-organic, personal and societal. Most recently, she turned her attention to the role of listening in creating authentic connections to overcome some of the world's most pressing issues. She established Vuslat Foundation ( that works to create awareness on and spread the skill of generous listening to oneself to another and to nature. After almost two decades of making art privately, her first exhibition “Silence” took place in May of 2022, curated by Chus Martinez at Pi Artworks Gallery in London. In June 2023, her first institutional show “Emanet” which was curated by Chus Martinez, was held at the Baksi Museum in Bayburt, North eastern side of Türkiye.