The Art
Anna Gillespie

Circle #1 

Wall Based Plaster 'Ring' of Footprints & Twigs.

Size H129 x W109 x D12 cm

Price £7000

Path #1 

Wall Based Plaster 'Triptych' of Footprints & Twigs.

Size H160 x W170 x D15 cm


Arabella Brook

Creation Stories II

Bronze - female form

Size H80 x W32 x D32 cm


Brook Hobbins

Orlando (with kind permission of Tilda Swinton)

This piece was inspired by Tilda Swinton’s mesmerising performance in the ground-breaking film 'Orlando' - directed by Sally Potter and based on Virginia Woolf's 1928novel. It was conceived as portrait of a performance, rather than a straight forward portrait of an individual. A subtle difference, perhaps, but a crucial one.

Bronze - Edition 1 of 3

Size H40 x W9 x D25 cm


Untitled 1 (after 'The Hands" by Barbara Hepworth, Oil and pencil, 1948) With Kind permission of the Hepworth Estate. 

This piece was the first of three in an ongoing series of small figure sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth's Hospital Drawings', which were created in operating theatres in Exeter and London between 1947 and 1949 .

Bronze - Edition 1 of 9

Size H35 x W45 x D12 cm


Portrait of Aphra Benn

This piece was a maquette for a proposed public sculpture of Aphra Benn. My interpretation is an attempt to convey the fiercely intelligent, charism presence of this iconic 17th Century woman writer, poet and novelist.


Size H65 x W45 x D30 cm


Charlotte Colbert

Mother and Child

Corten steel structure, TV Screen displaying moving image

Size H254.9 x W118.4 cm


Benefit Supervisor Breathing 

Corten steel structure, TV Screen displaying moving image

Size H132 x W265.4 x D80 cm


A Taste of Exile Neon

White Neon with Acrylic

Size H68.5 x W27 x D14 cm. 



Ceramic with Pink Flock

Size H56 x W34 x D34 cm. 



Ceramic with Pink Flock

Size H65 x W40 x D40 cm. 


Tutti Frutti

Glazed Ceramic 

Size H33 x W44 x D31 cm 


Tutti Frutti

Glazed Ceramic 

Size H45 x W35 x D35 cm


Emma Louise Moore

Is this it?

Sandstone, red stone, steel

Size H130 x W100 x D90 cm


The Ground is High and Sky is Low 

Sandstone, metal

Size H100 x W160 x D100 cm


Ermina Avramidou

Bubblegum 3

Acrylic paint on hand sculpted PVC board

Size H160 x W80 x D2.5 cm


Space Addiction

Acrylic paint on hand sculpted PVC board

Size H190 x W90 x D2.5 cm



Acrylic paint on hand sculpted PVC board

Size H125 x W100 x D2.5 cm


Eve De Haan

7% (The Artist will reveal the work at the show)

Neon in Acrylic Box

Size H80 x W90 x D15 cm


Helen Sinclair

The Dusky Path


Size H28 x W23 x D23 cm


Still Sitting


Size H180 x W28 x D34 cm


Bright Lights Tonight


Size H43 x W56 x D17 cm


Jill Berelowitz

Core Femme

Curved female torsos in silver bronze represent stacked vertebrae in this soaring, spinal column. A towering image of the body’s central element, a presence both sensuous and strong. The sculpture signifies the deep correspondence between physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing. Core Femme, a intimate and familiar object represents the core through which life’s energy flows, the backbone and strength of the female. The sculpture is mighty yet graceful, a powerful metaphor for human strength of character, wisdom and spiritual growth.

White Bronze

Size H18 x W18 x D86 cm


Life Lines

The stainless steel exposed multi-layered surface reflects the inner self and beauty of the female form. The sensual female figure stands strong and tall, redolent of the caryatids of ancient architecture. Linear shapes and fluid lines inspired by Art Deco designs are minimal yet elegant.

Stainless Steel

Size H100 x W30 x D6 cm


Kate Denton

Kairos - Icarus Taking Flight


Size H189 x W52 x D39 cm


Burning Ambitions - Icarus as Wings Burn Up

Bronze with Gold Leaf

Size H38 x W2 x D13 cm


Homo Sapiens - Inventive Man About to Try to Fly

Bronze with Golden Pheasant Feathers

Size H122 x W45 x D42 cm




Glue, Clingfilm, Acrylic & Ink

Size H183 x W122 cm




On one side, the artist has traced the sun in enamel. On the other, Lalique craftsmen have shaped the moon motif. Two heavenly bodies merge.

Clear Crystal, Enamelled Finish, Unique Piece

Size Dimensions: Crystal: H 36 x L 36 x D 2.7 cm. 

Structure: H 52.7 x L 52 x D 49 cm


Lydia Smith

Be More Like a Horse.


Size: H 56 x W50 x D45 cm. 


Nicole Farhi

L’ETREINTE from the series WOMAN

A loving embrace, it is a sculpture about love, caring for each other, empathy and the importance of holding  


Size  H44 x W78 x D23 cm



My hope always is to remind people of feelings which maybe they’d forgotten they have. La tendresse tries to give access to our emotions, kindness, togetherness and sensuality.


Size  H44 x W78 x D23 cm



A playful sculpture to to remind us the importance and subtlety of the touch


Size  H96 x W45 x (BASE 38 X 20 X 81) cm


Oh Myung Hee

A Long Line of Trees I

Bronze, Lacquer, Mother of Peal, Gold Leaf, Linen & Earth  

Size  H200 x W105 cm


A Long Line of Trees II

Bronze, Lacquer, Mother of Peal

Size  H125 x W110 cm


A Long Line of Trees III

Bronze, Aluminium, Cloisonne, Lacquer, Mother of Peal, Gold Leaf

Size  H130 x W110 cm


Rayvenn Shaleigha D'Clark

Untitled (2016)

Hyperrealist Silicone Face

Silicone, Mixed Media, Silicone Pigment Sleek Make-Up & Human Hair.  

Size  H160 x W190 x D90 mm


Untitled (Lifesized)

Lifesize Male Body

FDM, ASDA (0.5 Layer Height)

Size  H175 cm


Evonne with an 'E'

Deconstructed Portrait

Nylon SLS 3d Print 

Size  H30 x W28 x D26 cm


Vuslat Sabanci

Amulet I - XXIV (2023)

Ceramic & Silver coated leaves that fall from the mullein plants. Each one carries a piece of the healing power of nature which the artist collected

Size Approx.H23 x W8 x D7.5 cm

£1700 each  Set  £34950

Power & Grace (2022)

White Carrara & Black Marquina Marble. A dialogue with light, colour, and temperature that emulates movement through the forms expansion and contraction, creating an imperfectly parallel space.

Size White H230 x W104 x D83 cm.

Size Black  H 235 x W83 x D81 cm




Like a crystal tower, the Visio vase’s lines ascend heavenward in almost infinite movement. Satin-finished and polished crystal, both emblematic of Lalique, perfectly suit this essay in style.

Fuchsia Crystal Crystal - Numbered edition

Size H59 cm.



The Manifesto vase by Zaha Hadid reflects this language through crystal. It displays innate, fluid lines which seem to have a life of their own. Superbly displayed in crystal, they are enhanced by the contrasting satin and polished finishes characteristic of Lalique.

Fuchsia Crystal - Numbered edition

Size H46 cm.



The Fontana bowl expresses the powerful dynamism of water. Informed by the continuity and rhythms of waves in motion, delicate undulations envelop the surface. The design’s formal composition conveys a purposeful solidity, whilst the vase’s materiality embeds lightness and refraction within the complexity of a fluid dynamic.

Fuchsia Crystal - Numbered edition

Size H18.5 x D41 cm